San Francisco

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Staff Needed

Audio Technician during Tech and Dress rehearsal

             Running conventional stereo sound system


Lighting technician during Tech and Dress rehearsal 

             Running conventional lighting equipment to create 3 lit zones..


Video specification:

             Performance space must provide with an in-house technician that is                      familiar with the specific video projector and set up of the hall. Projector              should be least 5000 ANSI Lumen. Short throw is preferable.

Video projection: A large white surface area, using the wall behind musicians is               preferred.


Provided by Touring Company

  •  2 computers

  • Interactive Table, paper

  • Contact Mics for table 

  • Soundcard for Contact mics

  • 2 small Pre -Amp for Contact mics

  • 2 connecting cables for Pre-Amp to small 4 channel soundcard

  • Video Camera to capture live video

  • Cables and Black Magic to connect camera to computer

  • 2 Micro controllers

  • Cymbals

  • Own Tech Director who runs one of the computer during the show



  • 4 Instrument microphones (diaphragm) plus cables

  • 4 Voice microphones plus cables

  • Soundcard with 8 inputs

  • 2 ¼ instrument cables to connect Contact mics to pre-amps

  • 2 ¼ inch line out from Sound card-

  • 2 ¼ inch line out from Composer’s Soundcard or ⅛stereo line out (long)

  • Mixer

  • 2 good quality Speakers plus cables to mixer

  • 2 monitors plus cables

  • Projector

  • VGA cable to computer

  • Three black music stands for all musicians with stand lights

  • Lighting on the writing table, on musicians (no spill on projection screen) and two other areas on stage (reading zones)

  • Amp Fender Twin Deluxe

  • Standard jazz drum kit (no cymbals required)

  • Two stereo DLS

Load in and Dress

Day 1:

Load in and testing with projector, lighting, sound 2 hours

When we perform Live Sructure we need to add one extra hour


Day 2:

Dress with Musicians: 3 hours